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Moving Tips During COVID-19

Posted on March 24, 2020 at 10:49 AM
COVID-19 (also known as the “Corona Virus”), has landed our country in a serious situation. A huge percentage of businesses, both small and large, are forced to cease operations while the country practices social distancing and self-isolation. The moving industry falls into a category which is considered essential – especially for those who cannot wait. How does moving during a pandemic work? And more importantly—are moving services even still available?

Below, we’ll go over some of the biggest questions about moving during the COVID-19 pandemic in an effort to keep you educated, prepared and calm in this stressful time.

Are Moving Services Available during COVID-19?
While things are changing daily, the current answer yes. Many moving companies have decided to cease operations at this time, but there has been no official word that they MUST discontinue services. If you have already scheduled your move and haven’t heard anything, it might be best to call and confirm that the company is still offering moving services. 

Because the future is unknown, you might want to keep your move scheduled while the services are still available. Cancelling an upcoming move might result in an extended holding period should the government suspend moving services.  For now, we recommend that you research local moving companies and ask about their safety protocols.

You can expect that the moving company has added extra safety measures to their services including frequent hand washing among movers and no physical contact between movers and clients.

Are Storage Services Available?
It’s best to reach out to the storage company for this answer. Like moving companies, storage facilities have not been asked to cease operations. However, individual locations might have changed their hours of operations or even a implemented a reduction to the amount of individuals allowed into the units at one time.

Important Tips for Moving During COVID-19
The rules and health regulations are changing daily when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. One thing is certain, the health of the customer AND moving crew is TOP priority. Here is list of tips, provided by AMSA, for making your move go as smoothly as possible during this difficult time.

Be transparent. Don’t move if you’re sick. The main rule with COVID-19 is to stay home if you’re sick. If you’re experiencing any symptoms at all, please reach out to your mover and let them know. Most moving companies will work with you to ensure that you get to reschedule accordingly or take extra precautionary measures to get the job done safely.  

Provide sanitation products for the crew. Many moving companies are already adding sanitation protocols to their moving vehicles, but it might be helpful to prep your home as well so that they can easily sanitize their hands and surfaces frequently during the move. That includes leaving antibacterial soap and paper towels by the sink and a bottle of hand sanitizer by the door.

Purchase new boxes. You may not have budged for this, but it’s important. The virus can live on cardboard up to 24 hours. We recommend calling your moving company and asking to purchase new boxes which have not been previously used or recycled. If they don’t have any new boxes in stock, check with local stores.

Cancel your move if you’re considered “high-risk”. The COVID-19 virus can be lethal if you’re considered high-risk. We know that cancelling or rescheduling a move can be inconveniencing, but please consider this option if you’re: over 60, have diabetes, cancer, pre-existing respiratory and cardiovascular conditions.

If you need to cancel, please try to give notice. Most moving companies are small businesses trying to survive during this difficult time. They understand the need to cancel, but it’s best to give enough time so that they can schedule other jobs or re-schedule your move accordingly.

If you educate yourself and learn the best practices for staying healthy, your move should be safe and stress-free. For every move, both the mover and the customer must practice social distancing and sanitation protocols. If you have any questions, please reach out and we will help you to the best of our ability! 

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