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Moving Advice for Summer Moves

Posted on April 25, 2012 at 8:44 AM
Moving Advice
If you're feeling panicked about your upcoming move - take a deep breath and follow the below list. This is the stuff to do as soon as possible - get it out of the way and continue on with your move!

1). Moving Company

Do a little research and ask a ton of questions. Your moving company should be reliable with great reviews. Don't just go with the cheapest company - find one that offers a reasonable price and that you can trust.

2). Visit your Local Good Will:

If you have plenty of time you can have a garage sale, but if you're pressed for time, donate to those that need it! Don't bring things that you don't want on a move. Extra belongings equal time and money during the move. 

3). Finding Boxes:

If you want to purchase boxes we recommend U-Haul. If you want them for free, try your local grocery stores and liquor stores. They have sturdy, durable boxes - generally with handles. 

4). No More Food:

The last few days before the move you may find yourselves eating out - who has time to cook during a move anyways? Don't worry about it - stop going to the grocery store. Anything that you don't eat will be wasted anyways.

5). Stretch it Out:

Many people exhaust themselves by packing for an entire day. We recommend doing a little bit every night so that it doesn't feel so painful. Start with one room and work your way around the house.

6). Reserve the Elevator:

This is a huge thing - especially if you're hiring a moving company. If your move involves elevators, be sure to reserve them! Coordinate this with your movers to avoid any issues which may hold up your move.

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